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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Prostate Biopsy Experience

A prostate biopsy is a critical step in determining whether a man has prostate cancer.  Nevertheless, the experience can be very frightening and anxiety provoking, mostly due to fear about what to expect during the process.  This survey focuses on the prostate biopsy process to help shed some light on what the experience is really like.  If you have had a prostate biopsy, please answer the questions below and then click "done" to compare your experience with those of other men that have undergone the procedure.  If you have not undergone a prostate biopsy or do not know the answer to the questions, you can skip down to the end of the survey and click "done" to learn from the experiences of others.  Of note, once you click "done" you cannot return to complete the survey.  Also, feel free to leave comments about your prostate biopsy experience in the comments section if there is information not covered in the survey that you would like to share.
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